TWILIGHT CAST TWITTER (a complete list)

so many ppl asked for a complete list of the casts twitters so i decided to put up the list for you all enjoy! 🙂


@Jamiebower =  Jamie Campbell Bower= Caius                                                                                                                

@michaelsheen = Michael Sheen= Aro                                                                                                                          

@justinchon=  Justin chon= Eric Yorkie                                                                                                                                

@peterfacinelli =Peter Facinelli =  Dr. Carlisle Cullen                                                                    

@billy_burke= Billy Burke = Charlie Swan                                                                         

@rachellelefevre  = Rachelle Lefevre= Victoria                                                                                      

@cserratos =  Christian Serratos = Angela Weber                                                             

@annakendrick47= Anna Kendrick = Jessica                                                                                                   

@alchemission = Charlie Bewley= Demetri                                                                                   

@jodellemicah =Jodelle Ferland= Bree                                                                                    

@mammarazzi1   =Booboo Stewart= Seth Clearwater                                                                   

@CamBright = Cameron Bright= Alec                                                                                 

@CircaKiGordon  =Kiowa Gordon= Embry Call                                                                    

@gilbirmingham  = Gil Birmingham= Billy Black                                                                       

@AshleyMGreene= Ashley Greene=Alice Cullen                                                                       

@tinselkorey = Tinsel Korey= Emily                                                                    

@THEREALCHASKE =Chaske Spencer =  Sam Uley                                                                                                        

@david_a_slade  = David A Slade =  The Director of Eclipse


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