transforming thursday!! FAN ART FRIDAYS!!!

Transforming Thursday.

ok im starting a new weekly post every thursday i will post three cast pics  and a topic for next Thursday. If you want to enter for next week just take your favorite actor from twilight turn them into a vampire and send them in. you can use gimp,photo shop,paint or what ever photo editing program you have and send it in. deadline is Tuesday. the 3 best pics will be put up for everyone to see.

Fan Art Fridays

Im also starting Fan Art Friday you can send in any twilight fan art and i will put up the top 5. If yours doesnt make it friday it will also be in the running for next friday. so everyone will have more chances.

here are the first to vampire pics by me. what do you guys think?  also is there another kind of fan day you want?

vampire bellavampire alice


1 Response to “transforming thursday!! FAN ART FRIDAYS!!!”

  1. 05/20/2010 at 11:42 am

    your very cute misss bella the vampire you and edward do a very good couple in real life!

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