Fans React to the New Moon Clip! What did you think?

again another prob with the videos,sorry guys.

The overwhelming response from the folks hanging out in our home base of Times Square was that “New Moon” seems like it will deliver cutting-edge thrills. “I think the special effects where he turns into a wolf is actually very cool,” Matthew Shait said. “I think that will be one of the things that drives the movie.”

Nicholas Guastella seconded that thought and argued, quite humorously, that the clip showed a great leap forward compared to the first film. “I thought it was way cooler than anything I’ve seen from the first movie,” he said. “I think I won’t feel as embarrassed taking a girlfriend to this movie, because there’s more action and less laying in grass and, like, kissing and stuff. I think it’s gonna be awesome.”

you can watch it here Source: MTV


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