Transcript of Kristen Stewart at the NM Junket


Question: You talked about Bella being a good role model for young girls, and yet she seems willing to sacrifice everything for Edward. She gets depressed about a love affair that goes flat and becomes an adrenaline junkie who’s trying to kill herself in a way. Are you worried about twelve or thirteen year old girls watching this and getting a terrible idea of what’s that like?


Stewart: It’s a very extreme story. I think people who take to this story need to be a little bit more mature than that. I think the only reason that they take to it is because they are. The only way that I can justify that, and maybe I’m an immature girl as well, I really feel like if you feel like you need to do it then you need to do it. It being anything. Then after you’re told that you’ve made a mistake and that you’re wrong, if you’re willing to say that you made a mistake and that you were wrong and that you’re going to try the next thing there’s nothing to be ashamed of there at all. Be extreme. Go for it. I think that’s the point. I know this is a movie about immortality but you live once. I’m also not preaching to anybody. I’m just standing behind the story. That’s what I think.




Read the entire transcript HERE at Collider.



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