FEARnet: Daniel Cudmore on New Moon,Eclipse & Fighting Rob

FEARnet’s Jen Yamato has another exclusive interview, this time with Daniel Cudmore who plays Felix.

How did the role of Felix come to you, then? The two are such different characters to play.

You know, I don’t know. Maybe they had me in mind for it – I’m not sure if once they had me audition for that they thought, why not have him audition for Felix? I never really asked why.

Your big scene looked like a fun one to film – you basically throw Robert Pattinson around the Volturi chamber in a sequence featuring really cool stunt choreography.

Mike Desabrais was the fight choreographer and he worked with [stunt choreographer] J.J. Makaro. I’ve worked with J.J. in the past and I was fortunate enough to just call him and say, “Can I work on as much of this fight scene as possible?” And he was really cool about saying, “Yeah, we’ll get you to do as much as we can.” I worked with Robert [Pattinson] on it, also. He really enjoyed himself. Those guys put together such a cool fight scene. Once you start building on it and working on it and start piecing it together… I haven’t seen the final product but I know the whole fight, obviously, since I’ve done it. I’m just really excited to see what it’s going to look like on the big screen.

How much of the Edward-Felix fight scene actually featured Robert Pattinson doing his own stunts?

He did a lot of it. He was game for it. I remember when he first came in saying, “I can’t do this stuff, I’m kind of clumsy, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it,” and he started really trying it and was getting it right away. He’s starting to smile, having a good time. When it came to filming I think he was really excited about a lot of it. So it was quite a bit of him and a lot of his stunt double, Simon Burnett. I think Rob did maybe 40 or 50 percent [of his own stunts].

Read the entire interview HERE.


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