New Moon’s CGI Wolves: The Rundown

CGSociety has an awesome rundown of how exactly they made the CGI wolves so realistic in New Moon.


Eyes and Face

The book described the wolves as having eerily human eyes. “We were told early on that they literally they wanted us to plop the actors eyes into wolf, which always sounds like a good idea on paper but it does not work visually,” said Fredenburg, “so we had to play how much to accentuate them as human eyes and how much to push them towards wolf eyes. The eyelid shape around them is definitely wolf. For the eyeball itself we tended to play a little bit dark so they wouldn’t stick out as these funny white eyeballs in the head of the wolf.”

 Keep Your Shirt On

The wolves also had to switch from human to wolf form and back again, creating some humorous situations. Tom Gibbons, Animation Supervisor, got a chuckle out of the young wolf shape-shifting process and the dilemma it created.

They wanted to approach this in complete opposition to the way they did it in American Werewolf in London, which highlighted a long protracted painful metamorphose. In Twilight, it’s very fast, it happens in half a second. “In the blink of an eye the boys explode into wolf forms. When you first become a werewolf, you are not very good at controlling it. What happens is, these kids explode into wolves and destroy their clothes and shoes, and when they transfer back, they don’t have any clothes and have to go get more. It’s kind of like hitting puberty or something, as these boys mature from human boys into shape shifting into werewolves and not being able to do it very well, which is the perfect metaphor for everything that is adolescent.”

Read the entire article and see all the pics HERE!


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