Box Office Mojo: “Eclipse Won’t Reach the Heights of New Moon”

“After Twilight, the first entry in The Twilight Saga before the franchise was called “The Twilight Saga,” became a box office sensation in 2008, ultimately grossing $192.8 million, its sequel, New Moon, was dubbed one of the most-anticipated movies of 2009. It did not disappoint, drawing massive crowds out of the gate and finishing the year with nearly $290 million and counting. While the first two movies had pre-Thanksgiving launches, the third, Eclipse, has been aligned with the Independence Day holiday, in part, because the next Harry Potter reclaimed that series’ historical pre-Thanksgiving slot. Eclipse is scheduled for Wednesday, June 30, or only seven months after New Moon.

Odds are that Eclipse won’t reach the heights of New Moon, given the history of closely-timed, serialized sequels. The Matrix Revolutions, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and even Back to the Future Part III all grossed significantly less than their predecessors. When a second movie is hotly-anticipated after the first movie’s success, it’s highly unlikely that the next picture will even maintain the momentum (The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter being notable exceptions), and signs from New Moon’s run suggest that The Twilight Saga will follow the pattern.”
I disagree with this we twilight fans will always love twilight and the huge following will only grow.


1 Response to “Box Office Mojo: “Eclipse Won’t Reach the Heights of New Moon””

  1. 1 pennyjo
    04/06/2010 at 1:03 pm

    I disagree. There are too many edward and bella fans out there that are dying to see eclipse, I think part of it due to wanting to see the proposal scene that happens in his bedroom, not to mention to see edward put the ring on her finger while they are in the meadow, I do anyway, plus there are a bunch of fans out there that want the breaking dawn movie made. Just about every fan that I have ran into loves breaking dawn the best, they love the rest of them but their favorite is breaking dawn. Sometimes I wonder if they will not send anymore information on making it untill they see how eclipse will do?! But like I said before it would be dumb for them not to do it, part of the sequel, and if they did harry potter more than three times they can do twilight. There are alot of fans out there. I also needed to add twilight is not just for the teens. I am not a teen, I am a married woman, who thinks Edward is HOT!!!!!!!! looking, very sexy looking.

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