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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Score Track Listing

Here’s the official track listing for the Score by the amazing Howard Shore:

2.Compromise/Bella’s Theme
3.Bella’s Truck/Florida
6.The Cullens Plan
7.First Kiss
9.Decisions, Decisions…
10.They’re Coming Here
11.Jacob Black
13.Wolf Scent
14.Mountain Peak
15.The Kiss
16.The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward
18.As Easy As Breathing
19.Wedding Plans

The Score will be released June 29th, the day before the movie is out here in the Canada.


Listen to the Eclipse Soundtrack! (24hr. Stream)

As a special treat, Summit has put up a 24 hour stream of the Eclipse soundtrack. Here’s the tracklisting:

1.Metric – Eclipse (All Yours)
2.MUSE – Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
3.The Bravery – Ours
4.Florence + The Machine – Heavy In Your Arms
5.Sia – My Love
6.Fanfarlo – Atlas
7.The Black Keys – Chop And Change
8.The Dead Weather – Rolling In On A Burning Tire
9.Beck and Bat For Lashes – Let’s Get Lost
10.Vampire Weekend – Jonathan Low
11.UNKLE – With You In My Head (Feat. The Black Angels)
12.Eastern Conference Champions – A Million Miles An Hour
13.Band of Horses – Life On Earth
14.Cee Lo Green – What Part of Forever
15.Howard Shore – Jacob’s Theme

Listen to it


Entertainment Weekly Reviews the ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Soundtrack

At this point, even the most entrenched haters of Twilight’s vampire-sparkle voodoo concede the soundtracks’ indie-rock bona fides — though they might wish the music came shrouded in a plain brown wrapper.

Like last October’s New Moon collection, Eclipse operates as a sort of alt-party primer: original songs from the genre’s current varsity squad, with a smattering of JV newbies. Pomp-rockers Muse, practically the movies’ musical mascots by now, provide the requisite dose of Queen-meets-Rush grandiosity on ”Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever),” while Jack White side project the Dead Weather revel in swampy blooze-ooze on ”Rolling in on a Burning Tire.” Vampire Weekend, stripped of their habitual Afro-pop swaddling, work the harpsichord-tinged twee of ”Jonathan Low” into a pleasingly woolly tangle, though Australian chanteuse Sia’s ”My Love” does more with much less — her fragile ballad is so ethereal and otherworldly, it should be sung in Elvish. U.K. indie-pop outfit Fanfarlo’s rickety ”Atlas” sounds like Talking Heads on a dirt-road detour; Beck and British songstress Bat for Lashes trade haunting echo-chamber 
vocals on the percussion-heavy duet ”Let’s Get Lost”; and on the heady ”Heavy in Your Arms,” Florence + the Machine make like Siouxsie Sioux leading a tribal marching band into battle. L.A. unknowns Eastern Conference Champions co-opt Radiohead’s dense existential dread, Band of Horses conjure up another beardy folk ramble, and this summer’s palest citizens get a pretty solid ready-made mixtape. B+


Listen to full song: ‘Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)’ by MUSE

I LOVE this song and video


Jackson & 100 Monkeys On Eclipse Soundtrack?

MTV talked to Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys, and Jackson says that the band will be submitting songs for the Eclipse ST.

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

But as many Twi-hards know, Pattinson isn’t the only star from the saga with musical talent. Fellow vampire Jackson Rathbone has a band as well, 100 Monkeys, who were recently announced to be creating the soundtrack for his indie film “Girlfriend.” Not to be outdone by Pattinson, Rathbone shared with us that his group would also submit songs for potential inclusion on the “Eclipse” soundtrack.

“It’s been talked about, but it’s one of those things,” Rathbone said when asked if he had been approached to have songs on the previous soundtracks. “We’re going to be kind of giving some of our songs off of our upcoming album for them to see if they want to put on ‘Eclipse.’ ”

Earlier this year, Rathbone talked with MTV about having a song on the “New Moon” soundtrack.

“We’d love it,” Rathbone said. “[But] we’re not really pushing for it. It’s one of those things where if they want to put our song on the album, I’m not going to complain.”

Read entire article HERE.


Muse On Eclipse Soundtrack?

 The Twilight films love Muse. =] In an interview with MTV, Muse’s Dominic Howard says that the band might do a song for the Eclipse soundtrack.Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Muse On Eclipse Soundtrack?“, posted with vodpod


Now it looks like there’s a good chance the British rockers will be back for even more vampy fun on the “Eclipse” soundtrack. “It’s great to have the feeling of being a new band again in so many people’s eyes or minds … we might even do something for the third one,” drummer Dominic Howard told MTV News. “How about that for a scoop?”

Nothing is set in stone yet, but Howard noted that besides being a favorite of “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer, they also have an in with “Eclipse” director David Slade.

“[Slade is] kind of a friend of ours ’cause he directed about three or four of our videos for the second album, and he’s a really great video director,” Howard explained. “I know he did that really great kind of sick horror [film ’30 Days of Night’] which was a bit of a vampire/zombie vibe, wasn’t it? So I think he’s a great director, and he’s quite a funny character as well. So, yeah, we might do something for him as well.”

Read more HERE!

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