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David Slade Tweets Meadow Pic

David has posted a pic from the meadow on his Twitter! He also confirms that Billy Burke has wrapped filming on Eclipse.


Wow.  Silver/blue metallic flowers? Gorgeous.



Rob, Kristen & Taylor To Attend Scream Awards ‘09?

Just Jared is reporting that the entire Twilight cast, including Rob, Kristen and Taylor, will attend Spike TV’s Scream Awards 2009 and present the footage from New Moon. We’ll keep you posted on this!


Spike TV screamed for more New Moon — and they got it!

The 2009 Scream Awards, which honors the best fantasy and horror flicks, is airing more New Moon footage at the award ceremony and the full cast — including Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, will introduce the clip.

The Twi-cast is nominated for several awards at the ceremony including: Best Fantasy Film, Scream Song of the Year, and Best Supporting Actress for Ashley Greene. Start voting HERE The 2009 Scream Awards will premiere Tuesday, October 27 at 10 PM, ET/PT on Spike TV.



Jamie talks New Moon


Jamie (Caius) was at the Sitges Film Festival recently and he spoke about his role in Deathly Hallows and New Moon:


Are you ready to face the phenomenon of fans as massive as the inherent ‘Twilight’?

“I’m prepared for anything, I’ll take it as it comes. In fact do not consider myself a celebrity and I do not understand what is going on. It is an honor that people want to take pictures with me and ask me for autographs, but for me it is incomprehensible. “

You can read it all HERE. ***thanks Jen***

You can also follow Jamie HERE on twitter. If you aren’t already.


Alex Meraz: From Wolf To Vamp

In an awesome new photoshoot, Alex Meraz gets to show his vampire side! LA Confidential has all the info.

j7yxklr76hs629cxrb6 THIS FALL MTV debuts the new reality series Styl’d, in which young, aspiring stylists work for famed celebrity stylists—Jen Rade, Eric Archibald and Julie Weiss—as they vie for a contract with Los Angeles’ renowned Margaret Maldonado Agency. As is par for the reality- show course, there will be backstabbing, hookups and plenty of daunting challenges in which each cast member tries to prove his or her innate styling abilities. During the months of filming, one of the challenges was an editorial fashion shoot with Los Angeles Confidential, featuring The Twilight Saga: New Moon actor Alex Meraz. On the following pages, see the hauntingly beautiful shoot that took place at the Grand View Cemetery in Glendale as part of the show. Make sure to tune into Los Angeles Confidential’s episode when it premieres and catch the much-anticipated second film in the Twilight series when it hits big screens next month. We think you’ll agree when you look at the stunning photos that it’s truly “scary” how much talent these young stylists have.       

See all the cool pics HERE!


Emily: Her Scars Revealed!

TinselEmily-225x300 i was expecting something a bit different cuz of the book. You know like straight or a bit angled like how claws against a face would,not messed up veins on her face. but this is still really good.

thanks Jen 🙂


Robert Pattinson in Joy Magazine – Music for Eclipse?!


Speaking of passion and music, we know you write songs. What can you share about it?
I’m trying to write some songs for the next movie. I don’t know if it will be possible because of my schedule, but I want to do it. Music is the other side of me, it’s one of the things that complete me and I wouldn’t want to leave it aside for anything in the world. I have the intention of evolving in that aspect. It’s something I want to develope just as much as acting. I want to have a balance between those two things.

What other artistic endeavours are you interested in?
I always wanted to be a pianist and live in the south of France (laughs). But I’ve learned that it’s not important how you do things, but the final outcome. In life you always end up doing what you like. And nothing completes you more than that.

Do you have a spiritual side?
I believe in Karma. I believe it exists and whatever you do in your everyday life makes the eprson that you are. What you give in life comes back to you. I’m convinced of that, so I’m sure that everyday you have to be a good person and treat everyone with respect. We’re all connected.

We know you can’t say much about New Moon, but don’t leave before you tell us, did you have to go to some place dark to play this vampire again?
Yes, the truth is that the way I wanted to play Edward was less powerful. He’s a character that can’t change his condition, he didn’t choose his fate. He was unconcious when Carlisle turned him into a vampire. When he woke up, three days later, he realized that in oder to survive he would have to kill people. Imagine what would you feel like if you knew you would never grow old and that you would live forever. And what’s worse, you didn’t look for it. You become a sort of Superman without even wanting to be that, you were just a 17 year old kid. You must feel a huge impotence and frustration. Instead of believeing you’re hero, you’re a person who can’t find himself and doesn’t know who he is. Understanding that has been fundamental in understanding Edward. That very human side of him is what I love about him and I feel like I can relate to that. There’s something we all find hard to change and face about ourselves.                                                        Read full translation at Twilight Poison

             Music for Eclipse! Hooray! I REALLY hope that works out! His music in twilight was amazing.


Empire Magazine: Upcoming Interview with Chris Weitz and Taylor Lautner


“You’ve got the werewolves coming in,” said Weitz, “and the effects are going to be great on that part of the movie. Also, there’s more fighting and that should appeal to the boys. There is also a male character, Jacob, who is inherently a more viable character for most boys because he’s like an ordinary guy. He works on cars, whereas Edward is a perfect man, and maybe he only appeals to perfect men. That makes the demographic rather small! So there’s more of a way into this one – we do hope to up the male demographic!”

Lautner, who’s put on a huge amount of muscle to bulk up for the role, said of his role, “In Twlight, Jacob is this happy-go-lucky kid, but in New Moon when he shapeshifts into his wolf self, he becomes a totally different person. It was almost a split personality in the same movie and sometimes even in the same day.”

For more on New Moon, pick up the new Empire and read the whole thing / put up the free posters on your wall / fold pages from the magazine into an origami statue of Edward.

                                                                                       Source: Empire Magazine

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