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Breaking Dawn Could Begin Shooting This Fall

“Wyck Godfrey, the producer of all the films in the “Twilight” saga, admits that the creative team still doesn’t know how they’ll handle the character [Renesmee] in the “Breaking Dawn” movie, but said that the plan is absolutely for the production to go forward — as either one or two installments — with an eye toward beginning to shoot in Vancouver this fall. All three stars are signed for “Breaking Dawn,” he said, meaning that Stewart and Pattinson will be dealing with the joys and woes of interspecies parenting and newly minted heartthrob Taylor Lautner will return as often-shirtless shape-shifter Jacob Black.
At the moment, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who’s penned all the “Twilight” movies, is working on the “Breaking Dawn” script(s). “It’s a work in process,” Godfrey said in an interview Friday. “The issue [of whether there will be one or two movies] is not going to be resolved until we get the full treatment and see whether it’s organic. If it’s not organic, I don’t think it will be done, and if it is, it will be. It really has to do with how much level of detail from the books there is, with all of these new vampires that appear in ‘Breaking Dawn,’ the whole section about Jacob… It’s a very long single movie if it does become a single movie.”

Source: LA Times


Jacob and Bella New Moon Still!












im thinking its the scene where Jacob goes to talk to Bella and jumps into her room through the window and jumps back out again,it’s just a little confusing because it looks like shes just letting him instead of freaking out.               otherwise i think its awesome.what do you guys think ?

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Rob, Kristen & Taylor To Attend Scream Awards ‘09?

Just Jared is reporting that the entire Twilight cast, including Rob, Kristen and Taylor, will attend Spike TV’s Scream Awards 2009 and present the footage from New Moon. We’ll keep you posted on this!


Spike TV screamed for more New Moon — and they got it!

The 2009 Scream Awards, which honors the best fantasy and horror flicks, is airing more New Moon footage at the award ceremony and the full cast — including Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, will introduce the clip.

The Twi-cast is nominated for several awards at the ceremony including: Best Fantasy Film, Scream Song of the Year, and Best Supporting Actress for Ashley Greene. Start voting HERE The 2009 Scream Awards will premiere Tuesday, October 27 at 10 PM, ET/PT on Spike TV.



Jamie talks New Moon


Jamie (Caius) was at the Sitges Film Festival recently and he spoke about his role in Deathly Hallows and New Moon:


Are you ready to face the phenomenon of fans as massive as the inherent ‘Twilight’?

“I’m prepared for anything, I’ll take it as it comes. In fact do not consider myself a celebrity and I do not understand what is going on. It is an honor that people want to take pictures with me and ask me for autographs, but for me it is incomprehensible. “

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Emily: Her Scars Revealed!

TinselEmily-225x300 i was expecting something a bit different cuz of the book. You know like straight or a bit angled like how claws against a face would,not messed up veins on her face. but this is still really good.

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Kristen Stewart in Interview Magazine


Source: Interview Magazine 



Music from the trailer: Part Deux

here is the song playing in the second half of the trailer.

Title: Moving Mountains
Artist: Two Steps from Hell
Notes: They also had one of their pieces featured in the Twilight Trailer.
Official Site: Two Steps From Hell